Will I always get the same crew?

We try our best but we can't guarantee it.  

Assigning team members to house cleaning appointments is a complicated dance as we have team members servicing numerous clients (new and recurring), all spread out across the Phoenix Metro Area.  Each maid has specific attributes and own "super powers" for different types of house cleaning and different types of homes.  Each client also has a busy life with family events, health issues, or vacations influencing their availability. 

Our main goal is to make you happy.  And we do realize the best way to do it is to send you the team that had already succeeded in that. It's also the easiest thing for company and the preferred option for the maids themselves.  However, sometimes it's nearly impossible to do because of the above-mentioned factors.  

It is possible to always have your favorite team, if you:

  • are very flexible on your cleaning times,
  • inform us how important it is for you to have your team,
  • treat your team with kindness and respect.

We have several clients enjoying this happy arrangement.  Even without any special arrangements, most clients get their regular team 80% of the time.  For the other 20%, all of our maids are fantastic.  You may discover - as many of our clients do -  you love the new house cleaning team even more than your prior team!  Also, we back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you tried another team and didn't like it, we will address any issues and/ or issue a refund. 


Can you tell me more about your heavy-duty cleaning?

Normally, we prefer and our clients enjoy our flat rates that provide predictability.  But, in some cases, the condition of the home is outside of the anticipated range, and special rules apply.  We try to keep everything fair and provide a good value to our clients.

1) What conditions are we talking about?  A home that hasn't been cleaned thoroughly for several months or years, especially when there are multiple residents and pets.  And the home that has several of these factors: many surfaces covered in clutter, spoiled food, mold, grease on the walls, fur covering the walls and appliances, disconnected water or electricity, animal waste indoors, strong odor of animals or cigarettes.  

2) What happens if your home falls into this category?  If our crew determines upon arrival that your home is a bit outside of anticipated range, you have 3 options:

a) We spend the anticipated amount of time (or somewhat more) than a regular home would take, and "do what we can."  Generally it's 4 hours of work by 2 or 3 maids.  You can prioritize what's most important for you (e.g. kitchen and bathrooms).  We won't be able to meet all of the items on our checklist for deep cleaning (e.g. window tracks, cabinets, lighting fixtures), but most clients are very happy with the results.

b) Alternatively, you can select our "heavy duty" extra.  When you do it before the job, we will be better prepared to tackle the scope of work and send maids with modified equipment and supplies, larger group of people and for longer amount of time. It costs extra, but your home will be in a drastically different condition after we're done.  If you haven't selected it ahead of time, we will offer it as an option if we can accommodate it.  E.g. canceling or moving your crew's subsequent booking, sending more maids and equipment, etc. Most of the time we can pull it off.

c) You can simply cancel the job.  We will not charge you anything. 


Why do I have to pay the full price even if two bedrooms do not need to be cleaned?

Short answer: Because our prices are based on the house size, as estimated by the number of bedrooms. Not price for cleaning of each bedroom. 

Long answer:

Whenever we receive a new booking, we check it against Zillow or Trulia to confirm the number of bedrooms.  If it exceeds that in the order form (because client doesn't need one or two bedrooms cleaned), we then request from the client to revise the order to the true size.

Even though it may seem somewhat unfair at first glance, it's easy to understand our reasons for this policy.  It is guided by our top priority - providing the best quality of service for our clients.  

To make the booking process painless and predictable, we keep our prices flat and tie them to approximate size of your home.  The simplest way to estimate the size of most homes is by the number of bedrooms.  So, for 3-bedroom home, we prepare a team of two maids for approximately three hours.  This allocation allows us to provide the best quality work.  

Let's say that you don't need to clean two (out of three) of the bedrooms, so you book it as a 1-bedroom home. We send one maid and roughly budget 2-3 hours for her before her next appointment.   When she arrives, she has double the anticipated volume of work:  2 or 3 bathrooms, larger kitchen and larger living spaces than anticipated and planned for.  (Also, bathrooms and kitchen are usually far more labor-intensive than bedrooms.)    

To deliver the quality that we require and you expect, our maid would need to spend 5-6 hours, may become exhausted towards the end (working without a partner), provide a sub-par result, and be late for her next appointment.  

We want you to receive a great value: a very detailed cleaning that exceeds what other house cleaning companies in Phoenix and even 5-star hotels provide.  If, for whatever reason, you feel that you didn't receive your money's worth, we will always make it right and even issue a refund - based on our 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

For all these reasons, we recommend selecting the true size of your home when booking the service and adding in the comments any special requests or requests for discounts.  We read each comment carefully and are fair and responsive.


10 rules for choosing a maid service

With a myriad of maids and house cleaning services available in Phoenix, selecting one can be a daunting task.  We tried to summarize some of the considerations that will help you in making the choice:

  1. Check the license from City and State where you are located.  Some professional-looking companies do not bother with licensing.  Not only it shows the lack of commitment to the business, if things go wrong, you will not have much recourse.
  2. Check liability insurance.  A company that cares about its customers will be fully insured against all potential mishaps, such as an injury or property damage.
  3. Check worker's compensation insurance.  Most home owners will be surprised to learn that a person who gets injured cleaning their home can potentially claim to be their employee and seek coverage from the home owner.  This doesn't happen if the company has its own worker's compensation insurance.
  4. Check bond.  Most reputable companies will obtain a bond against employee theft of customer's property.  Not because they need it, but because they want to give their customers a peace of mind.
  5. Check the references.  Nowadays most maids or house cleaning services in Phoenix and elsewhere have an online presence, including customer reviews.   Read them, especially the ones that are less than five-stars.  Take note of how the company is dealing with any negative comment Are they taking responsibility, reflecting the blame,  or ignoring the customer?
  6. Call the company.  Good maids and house cleaning companies are  busy.  Some do not pick up the phone or return phone calls for days.  Others take a long time to provide you with a quote, asking millions of questions and providing evasive or unclear estimates. Skip them and look for a business that is professional, clear, and responsive in their communications.
  7. Ask your colleagues and friends for recommendations.  Chances are, you may share some values, tastes, and expectations of service with them.  You should check any recommendation provided for the above items like insurance and license, of course.  
  8. Find out what supplies the maids or house cleaning company uses.  Some household cleaners are toxic.  Companies who use green cleaners and techniques should be preferred.
  9.  Find out company's safety protocol.  If you have small children or pets, it's more critical that the maids or house cleaning company abides by safety rules in their regard.  From using green cleaners, to keeping the doors closed and equipment away, you should choose the company that prioritizes your family's safety.
  10. Google the company's name.  Once you found a maids or house cleaning service you want to try, google their name to make sure nothing strange or negative pops up.  It's a prudent thing to do with any vendor, especially the one you invite into your home!

How many maids do you send?

It's minimum two people.  Sometimes three.  We found that it makes for most efficient home cleaning service.


Do we have to be home for cleaning?

Nope.  Just leave a key for us and let us know how to access your place.  We will clean and lock the door after ourselves. 


What about the supplies?

We are constantly researching to use the most effective and the greenest possible solutions.  We bring all of our own supplies for the home cleaning service.  But if you have a specific solution or tool you'd like us to use, your wish is our command!


So... how does your ordering work?

It's very simple!  Just fill out the booking form here.

Within one hour or less, an absolutely delightful staff member will call you and confirm your appointment, as well as clarifying any special details, such as pets, gates, allergies, etc. 

You can choose to checkout instantly and pay by credit card.  Or choose to pay by cash.  Then we show up and make your house sing. It's really that easy.  


What time should I choose for cleaning?

Choose whatever time works best for you.  We will call you in less than one hour during our business hours to confirm your appointment and discuss any special requests or details.  We will bend over backwards to make sure the appointment time for your home cleaning service is perfect for your schedule.


How long does it take to clean my home?

Service time may vary.  The first time takes longer as we learn what works best for your home and where everything is located.  Each subsequent time is faster.  

Also, it depends on what condition is your home is in.  Some people keep operating-room conditions at the home and just require a touch up or additional services.  Others have three teenagers, a dog, and two jobs.  We don't judge you when we find an old slice of pizza stuck behind the dresser.  We're here to help.  But it may take us a little longer to bring your home into the tip top shape.

Generally, it will take between one to three hours for a smaller home cleaning service and two to four hours for a larger home cleaning service.  No worries, though, we charge a flat rate, so there is no additional charge even if it takes longer!