A. General - all rooms

  1. Walls are dirt/ stain free*
  2. Baseboards are clean
  3. Windows washed (upon request, $99 extra, first floor only)
  4. Shutters or blinds dusted (deep clean is extra $99)
  5. Windows' sills are clean
  6. Carpet vacuumed
  7. Floors are mopped
  8. Cobwebs are removed from corners
  9. Doors are clean
  10. Switch plates are clean
  11. Light fixtures are dust-free
  12. Vent covers are dust-free

B. Kitchen

  1. Kitchen furniture clean inside and outside
  2. Microwave is clean
  3. Top of the microwave is clean, grease-free
  4. Oven is clean inside and out
  5. Refrigerator is clean inside and out and on top
  6. Counter top is clean
  7. Kitchen sinks are clean
  8. Faucets are polished

C. Laundry room

  1. Washer and Dryer are wiped
  2. Space between and behind machines is clean

D. Bathrooms

  1. Toilet bowls are clean
  2. Sinks are clean
  3. Mirrors are clean
  4. Bathtubs are clean
  5. Shower stall is clean
  6. Under sink and furniture is clean
  7. Medicine cabinets are clean inside and outside

E. Other

  1. Storage rooms are dust-free
  2. Balcony is clean (upon request)
  3. Garbage removed
  4. Balcony door tracks are clean
  5. Ledges are wiped
  6. Banisters and handrail are clean


For general cleaning, the checklist is essentially the same, except:

  • Inside of cabinets and appliances is upon request and for extra fee
  • Furniture is dusted 
  • Beds are made upon request
  • Laundry is done for extra fee
  • Screens are wiped by microfiber cloth upon request
  • Window and door tracks, ledges, and baseboards are done only if time allows.   

This checklist is a general guideline.  If variations are needed, or you have any questions, please call us (480) 454-8447 or e-mail

*To the extent allowed by integrity of the paint