Rental Property Cleaning

Sometimes rental or B and B property owners choose to handle the cleaning between tenants themselves instead of hiring a janitorial or cleaning company. While this can save money, there are some things which need to be professionally cleaned and maintained between tenants: this cleaning should be done in a manner which reflects a consistent quality. Nothing will make renters shun a rental faster than reviews which reflect poorly maintained or dirty facilities.If the owner decides to hire professionals, the result has to be a good value for the money. Some of the things a property owner should look for in a cleaning service:

A good reputation

Reputation is paramount for small businesses.

Reputation is paramount for small businesses.

Sometimes, you can ask others in the rental business who they hire to do their cleaning, or you can ask the cleaning company for references. Lawsuits, fly-by-night outfits, or cleaning businesses that make other professionals uncomfortable should be avoided. 

Good online reviews

We know that no matter how excellent and reasonable a company can be, there will always be a negative story. No one minds because the review process is as subjective as the entire collective of customers and sometimes complaints may not be justified. However, using a service with consistently poor or sadly mediocre reviews will be passed on to the property owner in the form of reviews of the rental. So, it’s important to find someone whose reviews almost always reflect the quality of feedback a property owner would like to see under their own listing.


Regardless of who conducts the cleaning, there is always the potential that something will get broken, stolen, or done poorly. This risk underscores the importance and value of hiring a service which is licensed, bonded, and insured, so you can feel confident that your business will be protected. 

Follows OSHA Guidelines

While nobody like rules, OSHA regs are incredibly important because they deal with the safety guidelines during cleaning, the cleanliness of the equipment and tools used to do the job, and a detailed outline of preventing the spread of different types of diseases (such as the Norovirus). As much as a property owner may take pride in their ability to clean their own home, a professional truly has learned the details of cleaning a more public setting. 

A Proven Record

Many of our commercial cleaning jobs and rental property clients started as residential customers, which offered us an opportunity to provide concrete proof of what the client could expect from our staff. The quality of cleaning spoke for itself, and we were subsequently offered rental property contracts as a result.

If you have a rental property and would like for us to clean it for you, either periodically or on a regular basis, you can find out more information by calling our office or here.