Cleaning Items No Home Should be Without

Most people, even those who have a regular cleaning service, shoulder the responsibility of day-to-day messes themselves. Oven, window and baseboard cleaning are often left for the cleaning service. But, many people believe they owe it to themselves to enjoy the day-to-day loveliness of a deep-cleaned house, even if they don’t have the time to do the regular cleaning themselves.

Half of one is enough if you're not going to go all in. Just a swipe at night!

Half of one is enough if you're not going to go all in. Just a swipe at night!

So, here it is: the Ultimate List of cleaning items no homeowner should live without:

1) Magic Eraser

Some homeowners cut them in half and keep one in each bathroom. A final swipe with a Magic Eraser through the sink before bed will ensure that the sink is beautiful every morning. What a great way to wake up!

2) Windex

A little Windex goes a long way with that last-minute spritz to get rid of the water marks on a mirror. It has a little bit of ammonia in it, which goes a long way--but it shouldn’t be mixed with bleach.

3) Multipurpose cleaner (409, Fabuloso, Pinesol)

Because something is going to spill or get sticky, a regular multipurpose cleaner in a spray bottle with a rag or paper towel will take care of the problem immediately. 

4) Spray bleach

A little bit of bleach solution in a spray bottle is the perfect thing for items which might need a little disinfecting, such as cutting boards, or for stain removal on hard surfaces, such as the coffee stain in the bottom of your coffee cup.

Clorox wand

Clorox wand

5) Toilet bowl cleaner

Some people like the pre-loaded toilet cleaning wands with the disposable heads. There is a certain online decluttering expert who is a fan of a toilet ‘swishing’ every day. While you may not be an advocate of all of the ‘flutters’, a clean toilet is never a sad sight.

6) Feather duster

Our city has a fair amount of dust, but during a monsoon, Phoenix can be a veritable cloud of blowing detritus. A feather duster puts it to rest, or at least on the floor, where it can be mopped or vacuumed away.

7) Swiffer or other type floor cleaner

Swiffer became popular as a way to manage the water from the dog’s water dish and the goo-side-down spills that we all have to deal with on a regular basis. 

8) Small vacuum

A small vacuum will take care of the little problems in between big cleanings, which are surprisingly numerous in a family situation.

9) Scrub brush

Trust us on this one. If nothing else, at least keep an old toothbrush around. It will be useful for those spots that are a little tougher to work with.

10) Spot cleaner for the rug

Little spots cleaned immediately won’t allow dirt to accumulate in the spot between big cleanings and cause damage to the carpet or rug fibers.

Too many!

Too many!

Depending on the situation, each household will also have dish soap. Vinegar, baking soda, laundry soap, and dish soap. The regular cleaning of appliances will keep them in good working order and extend their lives, as well. 

Even people who leave the big cleaning for professional house cleaners can benefit from these must-have items, to help clean small messes and spills and keep the home in top condition.