Periodic or Fall Back Cleaning for the Home

Our personal space, whether it be a house, apartment, or even a single room, requires regular cleaning to keep it fresh and liveable. Many people prefer to clean their own spaces. However, it isn’t always possible to clean. Below are some circumstances in which people choose to have a professional cleaning service step in:

Everyone needs a little extra help now and then.

Everyone needs a little extra help now and then.

Illness--Yours or Someone Else’s

When a homeowner falls ill or infirm, cleaning isn’t always an appropriate activity. When Susan K., mother of three school-age children, broke her leg, she found herself reaching out for help. “The kids pitched in, but, I have a certain standard and it was reasonable to ask for professional help.” 

Her children did regular chores, but the house cleaners did the bulk of the cleaning until Susan got back on her feet. Susan still periodically calls for a fall back cleaning. “To tell you the truth, sometimes I’d rather stay home in a professionally cleaned house and watch a movie with my kids than spend the same amount of money to go out for a family dinner and a show,” she said.

It may not even be the homeowner who is ill--sometimes, simply being the caretaker for someone else who is unwell is a full-time job. Since caretaking can be incredibly exhausting, shifting the cleaning to a maid service offers respite for a caregiver. 


During the holidays, as someone pointed out, we are not only expected to conduct our lives in a normal manner, but there is planning, shopping, cooking, wrapping, decorating, and other festivities which leave a normal person exhausted. Is this a good time to have extra help? You bet it is! A thorough cleaning before the festivities will make a house shine for impending guests, and ease the burden from the homeowner. 
However, some people wait until after the holidays; a thorough cleaning after the event will allow the homeowner to reclaim their home as a place of refuse.

A clean house says 'welcome home'!

A clean house says 'welcome home'!


As delightful as it is to go away on vacation, preparations require a tremendous amount of work. Digging out suitcases, finding other-season clothing, purchasing tickets or readying the car, and finding a house sitter can take their toll on a person. Having a cleaner come not only offers extra time for vacation preparation but also leaves the house clean while the family is away.

Some people choose to have their home cleaned upon their return. “My housesitter lets my maid service into the house the last day I’m away,” says Sally R. “I come home to a wonderfully clean house, which just adds a final ‘welcome home’ touch to my trip.”

Work or a Personal Event

Sometimes, a homeowner will become particularly busy, after a promotion, before a wedding, or when some other event looms large and takes up extra time and energy. Having a home cleaning service step in can keep a business person on top of their game, or the bride fresh for the big day. 

As human beings, we are offered many responsibilities. Cleaning is one of those responsibilities which can be shifted to a professional house cleaning service with a minimal fuss, which leaves us free to pursue the things which we enjoy or require our attention. 

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